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About Us

Today's youth have so much to deal with on a daily basis.  As Christians leaders, we believe that our children should receive a Christian education.  Your child spends approximately 1,000 hours each year at school, under the roof of a building filled with people who are not you, influences that are beyond your control. However, what is within your control is choosing a private Christian school whose influence aligns with your family’s deepest convictions.  At Life Christian STEAM Academy (LCSA), the Bible will be the textbook that our school stands. 

You will find that LCSA has "guardrails" in place to protect our children.  These guardrails in the form of rules, standards, and agreements are used to ensure that our children became the intelligent, responsible, hard working individuals that they were created to be.  

Course materials and textbooks are covered by tuition and are provided for all students.  Technology resources are also covered by tuition.  The One To One Technology Initiative provides a school-issued tablet or Chromebook for each student.  As a Christian school rooted in the Christian tradition, we teach every class from a Biblical perspective. We learn about God’s order in mathematics and science and His beauty in art. We see God’s faithfulness in history and learn about keeping our body as a temple in physical education. Our committed faculty invest in every student, every day.

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